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Create a SystemD unit file

I’m surprised about the amount of people not happy with SystemD and don’t even know how Unit files works. So as a personal note and as a way to propagate this simple information, here’s an example. It’s almost always a bad idea to make the service unit “system-wide” when creating one for a particual use-case. So here’s my user service unit exemple for Snac. # file: ~/.config/systemd/user/snac.service ---------------------------------------- [Unit] Description=Snac Activity Pub Server [Service] Type=simple StandardOutput=journal ExecStart=/bin/sh -c "snac httpd /home/me/snac-data" KillSignal=SIGINT [Install] WantedBy=default....

February 1, 2024

A Mail server

I needed to have my own mail server. So I did it all again. This time, I’m going to write it down somewhere so I won’t have to search everywhere for documentation again. Warning; this is a WorkInProgress. It only acheive a functioning mail server; not a secure one. It was not as easy as I remebered. Before starting A server running an updated Debian 12 with a valid hostname A domain name with an A and MX record (MX:mail....

January 30, 2024

I bought a Mac

My old computer was failing. I searched some weeks about what was the current market offer for laptops. I came to realize that my « 20 years old Thinkpad standard » were not a thing anymore. If I wanted a laptop that was going to be around in 10 years from now and in good shape; it was going to be a Mac. The first problem is the presence of NVIDIA cards in most high end laptop....

July 17, 2023

How to use PowerShell on Fedora Silverblue and do SQL Query with the mysql-connector

First of all, I know there is at least 20 better solutions to do what I’m about to propose. The world is not perfect, there is still people clenching onto the olds ways of doing things. So, instead of learning from history, decommissioning PowerShell and putting it in a museum; I will explain how to use it for this use-case. First of all, you need to Install PowerShell from a microsoft repository....

July 11, 2023


A while ago I was on medical leave for 3 months. I made a list of the stuff I would love to do but do not have the time. After putting everything in order in my life, I finally got to the point of doing one of those things; A game. So I did it. I wasn’t on medical leave for nothing so progress was slow but satisfying. The game I named « Eilah » has now a functional engine I wrote from scratch....

July 10, 2023